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Restumping or reblocking a house is one of the first jobs for anyone renovating a house to consider. Foundations are the key to a long lasting renovation and when done at the initial stages, before any other major works have begun, have the potential to save you lots of money in the long run.

D.J. Baker and Son provide some ideas on how to deal with construction issues such as rising damp, restumping and reblocking and foundation protection or repair. Restumping costs to prevent problems are well worth the investment and if there are existing issues, repair is a necessity.

Most houses with timber stumps will last anywhere from as little as 15 years to as many as 80 years. This will depend on many things such as the soil conditions, which timber is used, quality of drainage and possible termite attacks.

A visual inspection by a house stump expert can be made by scratching away the soil from the base of the stump (75mm to 100mm). This allows us to check its condition quite thoroughly. After checking each stump and inspecting other parts of your home, we can then advise you on whether restumping is required or when you should have your foundations checked again.

To restump or reblock your house, the house will need to to be first jacked up and supported. The stumps are then removed and replaced with concrete stumps that last for a longer period and resist problems such s termites more effectively.

Within your home the floors will need to levelled and crooked doors and windows may also need to levelled. After the initial cost of installing the new foundations, the amount of work needed to fix problems in your home (if any) are what may add to the price. This can be a lot of work, so restumping before commencing any renovations is important so not to have an inaccurate budget for new works.

Typical restumping costs for a 3 bedroom house will be between $5000 and $8000 depending on access, slope, the size of house and required weight bearing load.

An old house in Melbourne may cost more if it is close to the ground, when compared to a home with easy access. So prices can vary greatly for the same number of stumps. A quote is always necessary.

If you are renovating and replacing floors in a house, then that’s a great time to restump. This is because the easier access available at this time will usually reduce the time required to safely reblock your home..

As with any renovation you need to look at the total project, restumping an otherwise sound house comes down to safety and protecting your investment and if there are any issues, it will surely be well worth it at renovation stage.

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